Quick Guide

  1. Define the setup for serial numbers
  2. Set up Machines and Maintenance Points
  3. Create work requests automatically or recurrently



The Plant Maintenance (PLM) app from Eos Solutions allows you to carry out the maintenance of the company's plants. In details:

  • Manage the registry of company plants

  • Manage maintenance activities, both ordinary and extraordinary, in terms of detection and cost

  • Plan tasks automatically, through maintenance points, that allow you to manage both periodic operations and those related to the use of the company plants

  • Manage spare parts consumption and possible reordering to suppliers


Some plant maintenance (PLM) app features require a subscription. This subscription can be activated by the SUBSCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL or directly by the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

For details, visit Eos Solutions website.


Plant Maintenance (PLM)- SUMMARY

Press Alt + Q and type "PLM" to see a list of features involved:


Task See
Set serial numbers for machines, work requests, and maintenance points Setup
Define system machines and create machine cards Machines
Create work requests from the Work Request List Work Requests
Generate work requests from maintenance points automatically or recurrently Maintenance Points