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  1. Set up reports (via Quick report selection) and layouts
  2. Configure one or more mailboxes
  3. Define texts and email addresses
  4. Send or save documents






Advanced Document Reporting (ADR)

The Eos Solutions Advanced Document Reporting App allows you to create and print up to 20 different types of documents using only 5 reports . For the same document it is also possible to define different layouts, by editing the document  header, the footer, the report title (for example for Proforma Invoices or "for internal use") through setup.

The Advanced Document Reporting App extends the standard functionality of sending e-mail documents: it allows for example to define advanced setups related to the recipients and the body of the email through extended texts or HTML templates. It is possible, for example, to indicate that the sales invoices are sent massively not only to the email address of the customer card, but also to contacts with specified professional roles.

User benefits

The advantages for the user are:

  • a single report to print multiple document types

  • possibility to print the pdf files and send them by e-mail



Some features of the Advanced Document Reporting App require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard. In particular:

  • FREE version : the user can print all the reports included and modify the general setup. It is not possible to modify the advanced setups that allow the customization and / or the massive sending.

  • PRO version : all features are active. The pro-version enable access to report sources, allowing further customization.

See Eos Solutions website for more information. 


Documents and reports

ID Name Documents


EOS Sales Document Sales quote
Sales order
Blanket sales orders
18122008 EOS Invoice Document Sales Invoice
Service invoice
Sales credit memo
Service credit memo
Self billing invoice
Prov. invoice
18122009 EOS Shipping Document Sales shipment
Purchase return shipment
Return shipment
Service shipment


EOS Purchase Document Purchase order
Blanket purchase orders
Purchase quote


EOS Reminder Document Reminders
Issued reminders


EOS Reminder Document Delivery reminders (the 18122531 report is available after installing the Delivery Reminders - PDR app)
Issued deliv. reminders (the 18122531 report is available after installing the Delivery Reminders - PDR app)

Supported features

The ADR app simplifies the loading of data that is normally printed on documents. This app:

  • Allows you to print line and header extended texts

  • Allows you to print tracing lines (if present)

  • Allows you to print Cross-reference (“Item Nr.-Vendor” e “Item Nr.-Customer”)

  • Allows you to print standard header and footer images 


Task See
Set the document printing and enter data for email configuration Reporting and Email configuration 
Create advanced text on documents Advanced Text