DocFinance Setup (DCF)

 In Setup DocFinance (DCF): 


Tab General

Field Description
Company Code enter the Company's name
Remove Country Code from VAT Reg. No. if active, it is omitted the export of the first two characters of the VAT (Ex. IT for Italy) while exporting the customer / vendor card data


Tab Options

Field Description
Customer / Vendor Export Prefix prefix that allows DocFinance to distinguish between customer and vendor in case master data have been encoded with numeric characters
Default Customer / Vendor rating DocFinance exports this value if it is not filled in the field in the customer/vendor card or in the payment methods
Customer / Vendor Default Delay Day on Proceed if it is not entered a default value in the customer / vendor  card, this value is considered
Default Line Value field useful to DocFinance. Identifies the commercial line
Default Customer Financial Item default value if not entered in the customer card, Tab DocFinance (Financial Item DocFinance)
Default Vendor Financial Item vdefault value if not entered in the vendor card, Tab DocFinance (Financial Item DocFinance)
Default Bank Account exported if the Bank account field is non filled in in the customer / vendor card
Default Payment Method exported if not entered in the customer / vendor card
Expired Installments If, during the Receive/Payable export, the customer/vendor has due dates in the past, he can be given a particular rating that wins hierarchically on the default ones or on those present on the customer/vendor card
Country Code Field No. specifies which field in the Countries table contains the ISO code required for the export
Export Orders you can decide whether to export sales and purchase orders when exporting receive/payable
Sales Order Prefix identifies sales orders
Purchase Order Prefix identifies purchase orders
Export Detail Shipment / Receipt if active, shipment and receipt details will be exported
Sales Shipment Prefix identifies sales shipments
Purchase Receipt Prefix identifies purchase receipts
Gain G/L Account No
Loss G/L Account No
If the writing for the detection of exchange differences is not exported directly to Euro (flag in the "Accounts and Reasons for Accounting" setup of DocFinance), you must fill in the fields "Gain G/L account No."and "Loss G/L Account No." present in the DocFinance Setup: in this way the related entries will be imported into BC by taking from the file directly the equivalent amount in Euro.
Previously imported file completely posted does not allow the posting of new lines if previously imported lines have not been posted

Tab Numbering

Field Description
Note Withh. Contrib. Nos. define the numbering for the Withh. Contribution Notes

Tab Journals

Field Description
Gen. Jnl. Template define a category for postings related to DocFinance
Gen. Jnl. Batch define a posting batch for DocFinance
Gen. Jnl. Prefix prefix for document number on import lines
Description from NOTE DocFinance transfers the NOTE field if valued while importing files

Tab Connection

Field Description
Environment Name define the working environment
API Publisher/GroupVersion it is a string generated by your DCF app, which indicates the connection parameters to Business Central to set in DocFinance.
API Publisher: EOS
API Group: DocFinance
Version: number of your version 
Company ID ID that identifies the Company


Decoding Business Central - DocFinance accounts

Account Decodes:

As many records are transferred to DocFinance (to the Chart of Accounts) as there are combinations of dimensions matched to the account itself: in DocFinance the accounts will be viewed and used as different accounts.

MasterData Archive/ Receive/Payable Archive/ Import archive

MasterData Archive (export to DocFinance)

 Navigate->MasterData Archive:

on this page you can view the records related to the master data that DocFinance has processed:

 In Show Detail, you can view the records linked to each IDBatch; Using the Last Error column, you can see any anomaly that occurred during the export process.

Receive/Payable Archive (export to DocFinance)

Naviga->Archivio scadenzari: Navigate->Receive/Payable Archive:

on this page you can consult the records related to the Receive and Payable that DocFinance has processed.  

In Show Detail, you can view the records linked to each BATCH ID; Using the Last Error column, you can see any anomaly that occurred during the export process. 


The following items are exported: Chart of Accounts, Bank Accounts, Customers, Vendors.

Open Customer/Vendor ledger entries are exported and, if provided by setup, Sales/Purchase orders and posted shipment/receipt are exported.

Orders/return orders that have the "No Invoicing" flag and those that have a status other than "Released" are not exported.

Filling in the "Pending" field in Customer/Vendor ledger entries causes DocFinance to freeze the due date.  



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