Import batches (DCF)



The import to Business Central General Journal lines is possible on the page Import batches (DCF) through Process->Process batch.




The imported lines are present in the GL batch indicated in the setup, which is also accessible through Process->General Journal Lines

Any lines with anomalies can be found through Report->Show Detail: you can view the records linked to each BatchID and any anomalies present. 


A single posting transferred from DocFinance can contain lines for different document types (e.g.: Payment and Refund): in order to be able to post a line with the same "Document No.", but different "Document Type" in Business Central, you must set it to No, the "Force Doc Balance" flag on the "General Journal Templates" page.

Lines imported into the General journal lines are stored on the page Setup DocFinance->Navigate->Import Archive: 



Any validation errors of rlines linked to the individual BatchID (e.g.: one or more duplicate lines) cause the entire BatchID to be discarded; in this case the discarded BatchID is moved directly to this page.


Base Setup
DocFinance Setup (DCF)