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Quick Guide

  1. Enter the general setup and the companies' setup
  2. Create the Synchronization Profiles
  3. Decide what to sync and determine who can make changes



The Eos Solutions Master Data Intercompany app allows you to replicate data from any table between different companies, whether that data is in the same database or in different databases (as long as they are connected to each other via WebService)

Synchronization between companies is managed either if the hierarchy is vertical (the source company is the primary company, the target companies inherit its setups), or if it is horizontal (there are multiple companies, all of which are operational). The source company is therefore one of several operating companies and contains the main setups).





Some features of the Master Data Intercompany (MDI) app require a subscription. The subscription can be activated from the SUBSCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

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Master Data Intercompany -  SUMMARY

Press ALT + Q and digit "MDI" for a list of the features involved:

The Master Data Intercompany app is available ONPREM and SAAS .
For SAAS you need to install an Azure app. The setup is explained in detail in the "General Setup" page and in the related video (at the top of the page). 

Set the general setup  General setup 
Enter the companies to be synchronized Companies
Setting up Oauth2 for OnPrem services Detailed Settings  
Set the general setup  General setup 
Enter the companies to be synchronized Companies

Set up which Company to sync each table with Synchronization Profiles
Limit target company actions, table by table Table Limitations
Monitor chart of accounts and dimensions Master G/L Accounts / Master Dimensions
View all synchronized entries and any errors Synchronization Entries
View synchronized fields for each Company Multicompany table/Record matrix