Quick Guide

  1. Create CWS shipment from w.hse shipments or directly from orders
  2. Select shipments to be combined and verify grouping details
  3. Post and Print CWS shipments



The Combine Warehouse Shipment (CWS) Eos Solutions app allows you to combine shipments based on grouping criteria defined in the setup . It applies to:

  • Sales orders shipment

  • Purchase return shipment

  • Transfer shipment

  • Service shipment


Some features of the Combine Warehouse Shipment App require a subscription. The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

See Eos Solutions website for more information.

Combine Warehouse Shipment - SUMMARY

For a summary of the functionalities involved, press ALT + Q and type "CWS":

Role Center

On the following Role Center:

Profile ID Display Name
Order Processor Sales Order Processor
Shipping and Receiving - VMS Shipping and Receiving - Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Warehouse
Worehouse Worker - WMS Warehouse Worker - Warehouse Management System

the direct link to Posted Shipments (CWS) is visible:



Task See
Define the CWS setup, grouping / invoicing criteria CWS Setup
Create CWS shipment from w.hse shipment or directly from order Create CWS shipment
CWS Shipments and posted invoices Examples