Quick Guide


  1. Enter the setup
  2. Create contracts and terms
  3. Let the system calculate allocations
  4. Proceed with settlement



The Sale and Purchase Bonus (SPB) Eos Solutions app allows to:

  • Create contracts and define terms for each customer or hierarchical group

  • Calculate the amount of bonuses to be paid to your customers or recognized by your vendors

  • Verify settlement document amounts by using a reconciliation tool

  • Allocate the costs related to the recognition of maturing bonuses

  • Manage a periodic bonus forecast

The Sales and Purchase Bonus app allows you to schedule the calculation of bonuses outside business hours so as not to block the operations of the company during the process.

It is possible to utilize of the flexibility of the contractual logic for the management of recognition thresholds and / or differences in turnover based on history.

You reduce calculation errors by using the reconciliation dashboard of the entries to be settled and the invoices/credit memos to be issued/received. 


Some features of the Sales and Purchase Bonus (SPB) app require a subscription. The subscription can be activated from the SUBSCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

See Eos Solutions website for more details.

Sales and Purchase Bonus - SUMMARY

Press ALT + Q and digit "SPB" to have a list of the features involved:



Task See
Enter the setup Setup
Set the contract lines Customer Bonus Card
Calculate bonus ledger entries Bonus Ledger Entries Calculation
Calculate allocation entries Bonus Allocation Entries Calculation
Proceed with settlement Bonus Settlement