Quick Guide

  1. Enter the setup
  2. Access the Production Panel
  3. Manage the stages of production



Power MES provides effective supervision and control of production activities in real time, improving the efficiency and quality of the production process. A MES system provides a complete and detailed picture of the entire production process, allowing each stage of production to be monitored and managed in real time. In essence, Power MES helps companies improve production efficiency and quality, reducing production times, minimizing errors and optimizing the use of available resources.


Some features of the Power MES app require a subscription. This subscription can be activated from the SUBSCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL or directly from the notification messages that the system offers, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

For detail visit Eos Solutions website.

Main features

  • Parameters and base data are managed in BC

  • It is a multilingual application, the customer can change the labels

  • It's multicompany

  • The main entity are the customizable parameterizable production panels

  • It was born to be paperless but can also be used with barcodes

  • Application logics are defined in BC and are largely the same as MES Manufacturing Execution System app

  • It is possible to manage posting at 3 levels

  • It can be integrated with "old" versions of Nav or other ERPs

The development takes place in PowerApp, the logic is managed on BC, integrations are envisaged with the machines that aim to have reports on the functioning of the single machine or of the plant to carry out maintenance with Azure Machine Learning.