Quick guide

  1. Set the specific serial number for the applied entries
  2. Choose how to apply entries in the account card
  3. Apply entries one at a time or more entries together
  4. Apply posted entries

General Ledger Application

The General Ledger Application app allows you to link the G/L Entries of the Journal one at a time.

Moreover the General Ledger Application the app allows connecting already posted G/L Entries, all at once.


Some features of the General Ledger App require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard. In particular:

  • FREE version : allows the user to apply up to 5 entries

  • PRO version : allows unlimited applying

See Eos Solutions website for more information.


In the General Journal page it is possible to choose the entries to be connected:

one entry at a time: through the "Apply-to entry" field on the line (you see ALL entries, open / closed)

Once you have chosen the entry to be applied, press Post. To verify the result open the G / L  Entries page:


The system connected the entry "124.04 euros" and closed it. The line "1000 euro" remains open for 875.96 euros. 


Close and press Post.

In General Ledger Entries, filtering by G/L Account No. entries we can verify the posted lines: the system has linked four accounting items (closing them) to the main accounting item, leaving it open for 592.83 euros. 

Applying posted entries

It is also possible to connect the already posted entries. Open General Ledger Entries page, select the lines containing the accounting items to be connected and press Actions-> Functions-> Apply entries:

Select the accounting items and press Set amount to apply. You can also manually set the amount to apply in the "Amount" column. Pressing "Suggest amount to apply" the system will suggest the connections (based on the setup in the Account card) in order to close the main accounting item.



The amount of the starting entry is shown in the " Amount " field .

"Applied Amount": in this field you can see the amount connected to the starting entry.

"G/L Application Entry ID":  the applied entries must be assigned a serial number. This number can be entered manually. If the field is not filled in, the system assigns it automatically using the G/L Account Card setup (Tab Posting).


Unapply entries

To disconnect entries, open General Ledger Entries, select one or more entries and from Actions-> Functions press Unapply entries. 

The system will asks wether to completely unapply the G/L application entry or unapply just the entry selected.


In G / L Application Setup a serial number must be set for the applied entries:

In the G/L Account card choose how to connect the G/L entries: 

The options are

Option Description
Never It does not allow you to link any entry
Manual It allows you to manually choose the entries to link
Automatic FIFO It allows entries to be connected automatically by sorting them for the first date
Automatic LIFO It allows entries to be connected automatically by sorting them for the last date