Quick Guide

  1. Define the setup
  2. Calculate and Post contribution entries
  3. Apply contributions entries to vendor ledger entries
  4. Create the contribution bill and, if necessary, the "Grandi Ditte" file


The Enasarco Foundation (www.enasarco.it) provides the social security and assistance of salespersons and trade representatives. 


The Enasarco FIRR and FISC (CMS) Eos Solutions app  allows you to manage the calculation and registration of agent contributions in accordance with applicable regulations through:

  • Assigning contribution parameters to vendors/agents

  • Calculating contributions for Enasarco, F.I.R.R., F.I.S.C.

  • Posting calculated contributions to accounting

  • Ability to intervene with changes and fixes

  • Exporting the "Grandi Ditte" file through specific bill

  • Easy application of vendor entries related to contributions to vendor entries related to purchase document posting


Some features of the Enasarco FIRR and FISC App require a subscription. The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

See Eos Solutions website for more information.

The Enasarco FIRR and FISC app is based on the Commissions app: the taxable basis for calculating contributions is represented by commissions, that are yet settled or to be settled. For this reason, the contribution management is also identified by the acronym CMS. 

You must have already installed the Commissions app to download and install the Enasarco FIRR and FISC app.

Enasarco FIRR and FISC - SUMMARY

Press ALT + Q and digit "CMS" to see a list of the features involved:

Task See  
Set the setup for social security and assistance, enter the setup F.I.R.R. and F.I.S.C.,  set the vendor and salesperson card:
Commissions Setup (CMS),  Enasarco Soc. Sec. Setup CMS),  Enasarco Assistance Setup (CMS),  F.I.R.R Setup (CMS),  F.I.S.C Setup (CMS), Salesperson Card, Vendor Card.
Workflow Steps  
  Enasarco Social Security/Assistance: Contribution Ledger Entry (CMS), Calculate and Post Contr. Ledger Entry (CMS),  Apply Contr. Vendor Ledger Entry (CMS) Calculate and post contribution entries in unposted purchase document

Apply vendor entries related to contributions to vendor entries related to purchase document posting
  F.I.R.R. / F.I.S.C.:
Calculate F.I.R.R. (CMS) , Calculate F.I.S.C (CMS)
Calculate and post contribution entries through specific report
Export contributions into a bill and generate the Grandi Ditte file: Contributions Bill List (CMS) Contribution Bill / Grandi Ditte File   
Import contributions related to a previous management: Contributions Ledger Entry (CMS) Import previous contribution entries