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Quick guide

  1. Set a Number of series in the setup
  2. Create a Purchase Request
  3. Create an order/quote directly from the PRQ
  4. Choose whether to duplicate / archive the PRQ


Workflow PRQ template

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Purchase Request App (PRQ)

The Purchase Request App allows you to manage the business process related to requests for the purchase of goods / services. It allows to:

 It is possible to associate the Purchase Requests with an approval workflow in three ways:


allows you to change the purchase request's status manually


allows the user to use the standard Business Central approval feature


installs the DataSecurity App of Eos Solutions



Some features of the Purchase Request App require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard. In particular:

  • FREE version : the user can create, modify, archive and delete an unlimited number of purchase requests.

  • PRO version : the user is allowed to create orders and quotes.

See Eos Solutions website for more information. 

Role Center

Basic users can access “My Purchase Requests”. Only Admin users can see all the PRQs present in the system. To promote a user to Admin, open the “Approval user setup” page and set the check to “PRQ Administrator

Field Description
PRQ Administrator the administrator can view all PRQs 
Unlimited PRQ Approval  with this flag the user will be able to approve all PRQs, without a limit on the amounts  
PRQ Amount Approval Limit  with this flag the user will be able to approve all PRQs, without a limit on the amounts  

Create a Purchase Request

Press Alt + Q and search for Purchase Requests. Press New and fill in the requested fields (Number, Description, Vendor):

Main fields:

Field Description
No. assign a number of series to the requests
Description write a description
Vendor No. indicate the vendor number for which is performed the RDA. The field is optional. If completed it will be reported on the lines
Location Code it is possible to indicate a location for goods
Job No. it is possible to indicate a Job reference
Category Code you can classify the requests by category
Requester No. resources can be selected by whether the person making the RDA is different from the user who is logged in
 User ID fields automatically filled in by the system
Creation Date fields automatically filled in by the system
Status status of the request. The options are::

NB It is possible to manage the status, indirectly, by installing the Data Security app of Eos Solutions. Below is an example workflow:
-Open: the PRQ has been entered by the generic user and is still editable.
-Waiting for approval: the generic user is waiting for a specific administrative user (who has DataSecurity permissions) to fill in any missing data and approve the PRQ.
-Approved: the request has been approved by the administrative user.
-Closed: a purchase document was created bfrom the PRQ.


The goods / services for which the Purchase Request is made must be specified in the lines. You can, if necessary, specify dimensions such as Project Code, Department Code, Location Code.



It is also possible to enter purely descriptive purchase requests if you do not know the Item code and / or Vendor name. Tou can change Type and Nr. without being changed other information already in the line:

From Functions->Change Type / No.


Create a Purchase Request from Requisition Worksheets

On page Requisition worksheet add an item and set the Vendor No.

Press Process->Create Purch. Request:

By pressing OK the system will create the Purchase Request:

On the Purchase Requests List:

Create a purchase document

From the PRQ it is possible to create a purchase document by Process-> Create Purch. Document. Choose the Document Type in the next window:


You can duplicate or archive the purchase requests.

Once archived the requests will be moved to the list of Archived Purchase Requests.


Preview item vendors: purch. req. multi vendor list

By enabling this option you can view the vendors who have the item in their price list (regular vendors or vendors showed in the PRQ lines). 


Field Description
Create document Selezionare la voce se si desidera creare il documento acquisto
Include Items

Specifies which items to consider when creating the purchase document:

  • With vendor on PRQ: in purchase documents are included only items with the Vendor specified on the PRQ lines
  • In Vendor's Catalog: in purchase documents are included only items that are listed on the Vendor items table
  • All Items: the system creates a Purchase Document that includes all lines in the requisition.
Document Lines Created how many lines will be created by the system
Vendor No. / Name Specifies the name of the Vendor who sells the item (can be shown as usual vendor or because on the lines of the Purchase Request).
Blocked Specifies that the related record is blocked from being posted in transactions, for example a vendor that is declared insolvent or an item that is placed in quarantine.
No. Vendor Items  Specifies the number of items on the PRQ that are in this vendor's catalog.
No. Items with Vendor on PRQ Specifies the number of items on the PRQ for this vendor.
Last Invoice Date date of the last invoice issued for the vendor





In this case the system creates three purchase orders:

the first is for the regular Vendor (Custom Metals Incorporated) for item 1000

a second order is for all articles in the requisition request for NewCaSup Vendor, that was specified in the purch. req. multi vendor list

while a third order is created for American Wood Exports Vendor indicated on the PRQ for one of the items.

From "Card" you can view / edit orders. 


it is possible to add lines to an existing order by Functions->Get Purch. Request Lines. You can add lines from one ore more purchase requests.



We need to assign a Number of series to the Purchase Requests. You can choose whether to automatically close/archive requests after creating the purchase document:

Field Description
Close / Arch. Purch. Request You can choose whether to close / archive automatically requests after the creation of the purchase document.
Purch. Request Nos. In this field enter a numerator for the purchase requests.
Delete Requisition Lines You can choose to delete the requisition lines after the creation of the Purchase Request.
Edit PRQ Status

you can decide who can change the PRQ status:

  • Always: used when neither WorkFlow approval nor EDS approval are activated

  • PRQ Admin Only: typically activated when using the Workflow / MS standard approval

  • Never: when using EDS or in any case when an advanced WorkFlow is provided that allows you to reopen the PRQ

Import and enable the workflow template 

It is possible to use the Business Central standard workflow or the Data Security app to manage the approvals of purchase requests. To import a template for the workflow, proceed as indicated below. To use the Data Security app you need to install Data security for Purchase Request.  

1. Download the Template here or from the top page and unzip the file.

2. Press ALT+Q and digit “Workflows”. Press Process-> Import from file and select the file downloaded:

3. Press ALT+Q and digit "Workflow - Table Relations". Add a record as indicated for the table 18123252:

PressALT+Q and digit “Workflows". From Manage->Edit open the workflow card and enable it:

It is recommended, but not necessary hide or set as NO EDIT the field “Status” on PRQ card by Design functionality or custom extension:

Then press Approval Request.




Purchase Request Q&A