The App Over- and Under-Delivery Quantities allows you to manage tolerance on the quantities of goods, in excess or shortage, to ship or to load. The feature is implemented for both purchase and sales orders, and it is active also in warehouse management

 Quick guide

  1. Enter the setup for overdelivery quantity for outbound goods
  2. Create a Sales order with "Quantity to Ship" greater than "Quantity"
  3. Post the document


Some features of the Over- and Under-Delivery Quantities App require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

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Over- and Under-Delivery Quantities -  SUMMARY

Press ALT + Q and digit "OVR" for a summary of the involved functionalities:



Over-/Underdelivery Setup (OVR) 

The fields present in the OVR Setup are used to enable or disable the management of excess quantities for theblanket purchase/sales orders:  

Press Over-/Underdelivery Setup (OVR):


Field Option Description
Type Overdelivery allows to ship or receive greater quantities than ordered
Underdelivery allows to ship or receive and closing lines with  less quantities than ordered
Direction Inbound defines whether the goods are incoming (receipt/return)
Outboud defines whether the goods are outgoing
Both setup line is valid for both inbound and outbound goods
Source Type Customer over-/underdelivery is allowed Sales side
Vendor over-/underdelivery is allowed Purchase side
Source No.   you can indicate a specific Customer/Vendor. If the setup line is not filled in, it applies to all Customers/Vendors (based on what is entered in the Source Type field)
Item Category Code   you can indicate a generic Category for items. The setup line will be valid for all items in the category indicated.
Item No.   you can specify a specific item for which the setup will be valid
Variant Code   if you choose a specific item, you can indicate a specific variant
Tolerance Type Not allowed no over-/underdelivery amount is allowed
Unlimited any over-/underdelivery amount is allowed
Quantity (Base) over-/underdelivery tolerance is allowed in base quantity
Percentage over-/underdelivery tolerance  is allowed in percentage
Blocked   disables the setup line
Tolerance Value    indicate the value if you chose Quantity (Base) or Percentage in the Tolerance Type field
Show Warning   in case of overdelivery the user can choose whether to be alerted when he enters an excessive amount; if the user does not confirm, the operation is canceled
Priority   you can set a value that define a priority order (useful, for example, if multiple setup lines are filled in for the same Customer, for the same Item or for the same Item Category)



The user will choose whether to specify an Item Category or a specific Item. One excludes the other.



The "Line Closed" field is present on the purchase/sales document lines. If enabled, manually closes the line by not considering the setup.


Sales order - Example

With a setup like this for Customer No. 3000 (Overdelivery tolerance unlimited in outbound, for all items):

when we create a 10-piece sales order and we want to ship 20:


The system will allow us to do so, alerting with a message of excess quantity.