Quick guide

  1. open customer / vendor / contact list
  2. select recipients
  3. send

Bulk e-mail

The Bulk Email to Customers and Vendors App allows you to send  massive e-mail to Customers, Vendors, Contacts.

For example, to send an e-mail to several customers, we open the Customer List and select the recipients by clicking on Actions->Email->Send:


The System will open an e-mail with the fields Sender and Recipient pre-filled according to the field "Email" in the Customer card. If the field "Email" is empty, the system will not add the recipient to the e-mail.

You can then write a text and / or attach documents and then send. 




The e-mail will be opened by the system in the default Email Client in the PC Settings.
It is recommended to enable pop-up windows opening in the web browser.