CBI Record Type List

Quick guide

  1. Import SEPA DD dishonored
  2. Import customer payments
  3. Import customer dishonored
  4. Export SEPA DD RID for CBI
  5. Export credit transfers extra-UE with CBI Record format

Bank Files for Italy

The Bank Files for Italy app contains five features to support importing and exporting of bank files:

  • 3 features import files from Banks into Business Central

  • 2 features allow Business Central to export files to the Bank




Some features of Bank Files For Italy app require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard. In particular:

  • FREEversion: the user can perform a maximum of 10 data import / export 

  • PROversion: the user can perform all desired import / export operations 

See Eos Solutions website for more information. 

1 - Import Customer Dishonored (CBI)

Record type CBI



Let's see an example:

after posting a sales invoice with Payment method = RIBA:

you send the RIBA file (it is only in CBI format, not SEPA) from standard italian Business Central to the Bank. Now there are two options:

  • the customer pay - > the Bank doesn't give any advise

  • the customer does not pay -> after the expiry date and the days of risk (usually 15 days), thanks to the Bank Files for Italy app, it is possible to import into BC a file that shows the dishonored, after downloading it by homebanking.
    Then you can post the dishonored (Document type: Dishonored).

The report is Import customer dishonored (CBI):

Template name Choose a template from the general journal
Batch name Indicate a batch for the posting
Transitory Account No. Choose a transitory account number


Then press OK and load the file.

2 - Import SEPA DD Dishonored (CBI)

Record type CBI




This feature allows you to import dishonored of Direct Debit (Italian RIDs).

In Italy RIDs are used for example to pay fees and bills by direct debit on the customer's bank account. 

If that fails the bank makes a file with failed receipts avaliable. 

The layout differs from the SEPA standard of ECB due to some specific TAGs introduced by CBI.

Supported Record type:




The report to fill is Sepa DD dishonored (CBI):


You need to choose a template from the general journal and a batch for the posting.


3 - Import customer payments (CBI)

Record type CBI



The procedure is similar to the Import SEPA DD Dishonored (CBI), but payments are imported using the Account Statement file (theese payments are extra UE, not managed by SEPA).

Payments are imported in the General Journal.

The report to fill is Import customer payments (CBI):

Specify a Bank account for the payments to import.

4 - Export SEPA DD RID for CBI

Record type CBI




To export direct debits for Italy it is necessary to configure the XML PORT 18123330 in the Bank export/import setup:


Open a issued customer bill card and export the file:


5 - Export credit transfers extra-UE with CBI Record format

Record type CBI



Go to the page Vendor bill list issued. Choose a record and click Edit. In Actions-> Create CBI transfer file you can export the payments in CBI format:


6 - Import ABI / CAB codes

The ABI CAB list can be updated as often as necessary, in complete autonomy. It is necessary to download the zip file from the bank portal (for example Unicredit)  

Press ALT + Q within Business Central 


From Actions-> Import File indicate the path of the previously saved file. 

The page will be populated with all the records of the zipped file. At the end press SAVE ALL to save all the imported records and update the official table.